Variations on a theme vol 1

Theme here refers to the specific instrument configuration in use. Namely the patch in the modular and ms20, the melodic loop on the octatrack, random noises I may decide to incorporate using the microphone live and one extra pre recorded loop might come into play at some point, all tied together with the Octatrack for looping, sampling and mangling.



Voice 1

Voice 1 consists of a mix of Mangrove’s Formant waveform into Three Sister’s low pass and Waverider’s main waveform into the high pass. The low section is turned up in the mixer and Math’s Ch4 brings it down while bringing the high up. Some modulation is going into Waverider’s Wave and Bitcrush. Math’s Ch 2 and 3 are used to attenuate modulation coming from Batumi into Mangrove’s Formant and Barrel. Air is modulated by Batumi’s LFO1 sine. Modulation for The Sisters’s F comes from the random smooth.

Peaks’s Ch2 is set to a short decay envelope that goes into Three Sisters’s Quality and gets triggered by Wogglebug’s Burst. Ideally this would come from a second random gate source since the burst output is derived by a comparator that takes the random value generated by the wogglebug and voltage reference and that leads to problems with interdependency (ie I don’t like how the bigger values affect the patch, but I do want semi periodical bursts). For best clicky sounds, F should be set high.

Voice 2

This is a mix of Waverider’s sub wave out along with the Mangrove’s Square out. A little heavier on the Subwave but get’s crossfaded a bit with Peak’s Ch1. Mix then goes into LxD’s top channel, modulated by the Woggle out, into LxD’s bottom channel modulated by Math’s Ch1 , mostly under 50%.


Screenshot from 2017-03-24 21-14-44

Not pictures is a cable connecting Batumi’s LFO4 ASGN waveform (stepped logistic equation) into VCOs IN (upper one, not pitch modulation).

Turn the MS20 on and avoid pressing any key, that will the VCOs will produce some rhythmic clicks and cuts, depending on waveform, pitch knob position and modulations. Play around with the ESP’s gain knob, the filters attenuation on, turning up the VCOs and trig sensitivity / EG1 shape.


Modular Voice 1 into A, Modular Voice 2 into B, Ms20 into C and Tascam into D.

Currently A+B go through delay and reverb, and one thru is used for D as well.

The ms20 is processed with LoFi and Delay. LoFi setting (they really matter) Dist 28, AmF 127, Srr 16, Brr 35, AmD 23.

There’s a short (16 steps at 30 bpm) melodic loop I recorded with the ms20. That loop gets sliced, looped, pitched and time stretch to get as much sonic variety as possible from it.

That requires 5 of the 8 available tracks. Track 8 will often be used as a master track for compression and reverb, leaving just 2 tracks for flex and pickup machines.



Not in love with how it turned out in terms of variety, but was still a nice exercise.


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