Two voice probabilistic sequencer in Axoloti #02

Same general idea, but decided to take a less involves approach.

Patch description

screenshot-from-2016-12-28-23-23-14Full size picture here.

Again using a randomized rotating clock divider to drive each channel.

Instead of micromanaging probabilities tied to a clock division and switching between a “regular” path and a “more triggers” path I use a simple model of cellular automaton to both generate random triggers and random values to be quantized to a scale.


Ch1 triggers Math’s Ch1 which goes to LxD Ch1 that takes waverunner’s wave + sub. Ch2 triggers the same path’s Ch2 with Mangrove’s Formant out instead of the Waverunner. Math’s Ch1 and Ch4 Both In is being modulated by a triangle wave. Three Sisters in self oscillation is also taking the sequencer Ch 2 CV and FMing Mangrove though Math’s Ch2. Some acoustic noise is looped through the Octatrack as well as some processing and semi regular sampling with FXs. No modification of the sequencer was done once it was running, most variation comes from attenuating the envelopes and attenuating / inverting the FM path.

The result has some bad spots and goes on too long, but overall the sequencer worked a lot better than all my previous attempts.

Going forward

Besides choosing which clock divisions we’re taking, how much we attenuate the random signal to be quantized and a few parameters on how the clocks are rotated/inverted/reset in the RCD we don’t have a lot of control over the patch. Ideally I would like to find ways to modify the frequency / density of triggers and an interesting way to change scales in real time, as well as adding some non tonal drift.


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