Octatrack Experiments #01 C: Tape Machine

I was reading the manual last nigh and realized that another cleaner way of doing this is to just set a pick up machine to overdub and set a negative gain value. Around -2 seems to work fine.

Using this method you can now have 8 tape machines doing their own thing instead of the 1 that the flex machine method limits you to. This also frees up the CUE outs which might come in handy down the line.



First attempt at granular processing. There’s two flex machines with slight panning and similar delays. RTRIG is 1 and 15, RTIM 0.05 and 0.022, RATE slightly above 0. LFOs are modulating RATE, Start and RTIM, mostly random waveforms. Still not sure how RTRIG and RTIM works, specially when the sample is not really triggered but looping.

Aside from that some random slices of the hydrophone field recording can be heard and some ms20 looping with the flex tape machine setup. Patch on the ms20 is pretty straighforward but one cool thing I haven’t done in a while is using the button to trigger EG1, which affects both the filters and the VCA which sends filtered pink noise to EXT IN.

Still a lot of work to be done on this technique.


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